3.02 A Quick Update

Well holy moly has my life been busy.  But hopefully that’s going to calm down here in the next couple weeks so you all can hear about the Peters family more often.

So when we last left off, Kailee was pregnant with the first child of Generation 4, all the Generation 2 boys have moved on to the afterlife, and Genevieve’s time is (maybe) drawing near.

So first up is Dinah’s birthday!  She’s a young adult now and so she gets to move out.  Since I’ve had no luck finding her a mate, it will be up to MC Command Center to continue her branch of the family tree.

Kailee goes into labor with her and Davin’s first child, and it’s a girl!  They name her Amaya Peters.   She is the whitest baby I have ever seen.  Look at her

03-24-17_11-46-37 PM

Davin proposes because I forgot that Kailee and Davin are living in sin and not yet married.  We’ll get around to a ceremony one of these days.

03-25-17_2-33-25 PM

Meanwhile it’s been like two weeks and Genevieve is still hanging around.  I swear the woman isn’t going to die.  She’s going to still be around when Generation 10 is born.

03-25-17_1-57-39 PM

So when I go to close out of the game, I always go to manage worlds first so I can check on the other members of the family (I’m trying to keep a fairly comprehensive family tree).  This time when I did that, I found that Dinah was already married!  Hours after I moved her out!  She is now married to Crystal Fair who has a daughter Kyla.

Delphine goes to a party and damn girl!  That booty.

03-25-17_12-33-04 AM

Birthday time has rolled around again so I will save that for next time!


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