3.01 Texts From A Ghost

So apologies to anyone who might be following this!  I haven’t posted in a few weeks despite the fact that I have at least one post worth of stuff to write down.

So when I last left off, we were ready to start in on Generation 3.  Davin is a young adult and Seth is now (sadly) gone.

Delphine gets a text message from the recently deceased Seth to congratulate her on becoming a teenager.  It’s crazy because I put that urn away until I can build them a mausoleum.  I guess when you miss the big milestones in your family’s life, you do what you can to be present.

Quentin’s birthday is the next day, he ages up to child.  And…um…he looks almost exactly like Ollie did when he was a child except with slightly darker skin.  He even aged into the same haircut.  I was hoping that he’d be a little better mix of his two parents (maybe some darker skin) but we will just have to see.03-05-17_8-48-34 PM

An old picture of Oliver for reference.


Anyway.  I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to find good matches for Davin and his sisters.   Mostly Davin but I’d like to make this family tree as ridiculous as possible.  Speaking of the family tree cousin Luna and Delphine still hang out.  And Luna is a teen now!  I love all my little red-heads

03-11-17_4-01-25 PM

But as hard as I’ve tried, Dominik Pruitt (who is really the only male around Dinah’s age it seems) is not interested in her romantically at all so since I’d still love to merge the Pruitt family with the Peters and Kailee and Davin are best friends maybe I’ll try that.

So Davin goes on a date with Kailee and it goes really well and they have their first kiss!  She really likes him

03-10-17_8-52-35 PM

03-10-17_8-58-39 PM

And while they are at their date, I get the first notification for Oliver.  His time is running short and I’m going to miss that punk.  Also he got sick which started a whole cycle of sickness in the house where everybody kept getting sick one after another until I started keeping a stock of medicine in the fridge.  And then nobody got sick.

03-10-17_11-02-23 PM

Also Dinah isn’t going to be able to do her homework for the rest of her days as a teen because I do not know where she put it.  I literally cannot find it anywhere.

Davin has a dinner party because he is an excellent cook and it’s part of his cooking aspiration that I’m doing while I take a break from that gardening one.  Also he has a job in the cooking career.  He likes to make food.  And eat it.

All of their friends show up

03-10-17_11-26-37 PM

And since Kailee is there Davin and her use the cover of the party to have their first woo-hoo in a closet.  Apparently that’s an occasion for sunglasses.  And she wore Dav out.  And then she moves in.  It must have been good. Welcome to the family Kailee.

03-10-17_11-39-10 PM

I get Genevieve’s first notification as I’m trying really hard to get her to the top of the musician career.

And then it’s Oliver’s time.  It’s a very emotional time for me and Genevieve decides to watch it while having a snack.  She’s fairly unaffected

03-11-17_4-05-56 PM

03-11-17_4-06-30 PM

Since all of Generation 2 seems to be on the way out Davin and Kailee get started on Generation 4.  And it takes on the first try.

Will there be a new heir born?  Will their oldest be a daughter?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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