2.07 Parties and Seth’s Elderly Demise

I got the notification that Seth’s time was coming to an end.  He’ll finish up some paintings over the next few days but probably not a whole lot else.  Genevieve ages up to Elder the next day.  Generation 2 is getting older and on itfs way out.


Davin is going to make such a good father.  He is the only family member that autonomously takes care of Quentin.  He’s such a good big cousin.

I bought Get Together recently and it definitely adds another dimension.  First of all Windenburg is as amazing as everybody’s been saying.  Second of all, Dinah gets invited to a party at 5:00 in the morning.  So she sneaks out of the house and drags her brother with her .

There are lots of new young adult girls there for Davin to meet since he will be a young adult in just a few days.  So there’s plenty more fish in the sea for him to meet and maybe a new future Peters matriarch.


Once Davin is all set and talking to some new people I decide to see what Dinah is up to.  Apparently she had to go to the bathroom and instead of going inside the building she wondered off to ‘fertilize’ a bush.  Classy.

I got the second notification for Seth, time to make sure all of his affairs of in order.  He must know his time is short because he’s just sitting there contemplating the meaning of life in a glass of water.


Ollie’s still around mostly working and playing with his son.  Not sure why this game is happening in the bathroom.


Mother/son bathroom break


Dominik Pruitt asks Dinah out on a date.  I’m pretty sure that he’s going to be the guy for her, as there are very few other teen boys around town at the moment.  But he also proceeds to not hang out with Dinah during their date.  Instead sitting at a table with his friends.  Jerk.  And what’s with the hat man?


Another night, another wild dance party for Dinah.  She’s becoming quite the little teen rebel even getting invited to the Partihaus club.  Oh Dinah, my sweet little rebel.

Seth’s time finally comes to an end, dramatically on the floor of the kitchen.  Dinah and Genevieve are the only ones who mourned him.


Later that same day, Davin and Delphine both age up.  Davin to young adult and Delphine to teen.  Davin gets glutton as his final trait.  Delphine gets cheerful and Computer Whiz.


Time for Generation 3!!!!


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