2.06 So Many Birthdays

So in all the excitement with Davin and Delphine both aging up and Oliver’s wedding, I forgot Seth’s birthday.  He got old pretty much right after the wedding.  And then he was sad because everybody forgot about him.  Poor guy. (For some reason one of the few pictures I currently have of Elder Seth is his CAS one)


More exciting news for the days after the big wedding, Alicia is going to be a scientist and I am so excited to follow her to work occasionally.  Also Alicia is pregnant with what will be her and Ollie’s only child (I’ve just about run out of space in the Peters family home).


Ollie finishes his adult aspiration, Master of Mischief, in time to pick up a new one.  I chose bodybuilder, though he will probably not come near completing that one.  Also Seth completed the guitar skill (and memorialized both his parents in the process…yes!!).


So I realized that I had never checked Kyle and Everett as unplayed so they were just sitting around waiting for me to come control them, so they got unchecked.  And I swear when I jumped out to manage worlds not an hour later, Kyle was moved out of his brother’s house and married to Jacobo Dinh.  Damn boy!  Also, congratulations kiddo.  I moved them in world and jumped over to help them adopt a baby.  Aubrie Dinh, welcome to the family.


Right around the same time, Alicia goes into labor.  Her and Ollie run off to the hospital and have a baby boy!!  His name is Quentin Peters.

Not a lot happens over the next few days, Seth paints; Ollie, Alicia, and Genevieve go to work (Ollie and Genevieve are both reaching the tops of their careers); Davin, Dinah, and Delphine go to school.  I’m trying to squeeze Dinah’s childhood aspiration into the last few days before she becomes a teen.  Which means basically getting locked into a room with the computer and typing game.

Seth painted his wife and kids.  Okay the screenshots are below not the paintings but hey. I like the one of Genevieve because it looks like she’s laughing (she was really very hungry).


Oh Dav, you’re so cool.  You can see the completed pictures of the girls here.


Dinah is over your crap, Dad.  Also, yum!  Hamburger!


And finally, Delphine.  What a little goofball.


Quentin’s birthday comes quickly and he is a little Oliver.  He’s also clingy and the first toddler that I’ve had so far that gets sad instead of angry when he’s hungry or tired.  Look at this side eye


I mean really..


This is where the birthday’s start piling up because Dinah’s is like the next day.  How did all the birthdays happen in such quick succession???  I’ve already got Davin on Level 6 of cooking so he made all of the cakes.

Apparently I have been terrible at taking aging up screenshots lately.

Dinah gets Bro as her teen trait and soulmate as her aspiration.  Loving the fact that she got a trait that belonged to both her dad and her grandfather.  But the poor girl got Seth’s mouth and a tiny face.  She’s pretty adorable though.  Found one!


I’ve already got somebody in mind for her (Dominik Pruitt is around Dinah’s age, and his sister Kailee is Davin’s age so one of them will probably join the Peters family).  Here’s a picture of Dominik all aged up to teen.  If he’d lose the dumb glasses he’d be a good looking dude.


And then Oliver’s birthday is about six days after Seth’s so he’s an elder now too.  Literally six or so sim days have passed since Seth got old.  See all the cake!!??  Also I love the dumb faces they make when they blow out candles.


He’s an old dad I guess.


Kyle and Everett have birthdays soon after Oliver’s and Kyle invites the whole family over to celebrate.  Lots of pictures were taken.  Also Kyle had his party at like 900 at night and so they family didn’t get home until like 200 in the morning.

Aubrie Dinh as a toddler.  Also both Seth and Dav are wearing plaid in the background.


Old guys Ollie and Seth


Ollie and Everett


Ollie and Kyle


Delphine and Luna


Davin and Dinah (with Genevieve looking surprised in the bathroom).


Davin, looking cool.


And finally, parties wear Quentin out.


What a cutie!  More birthdays coming soon!!


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