2.05 Oliver’s Wedding

When did Oliver become the favorite son? I really don’t know. Maybe it’s when all the boys started aging up and Ollie got a cool emo punk look that I rather enjoyed. Maybe he got the best genes. Who knows. All I know is I’m sad that by the Peters legacy rules, we will not be following Oliver’s genes through the generations. But we can have special Ollie posts!

So this overlaps slightly with Monday’s post and has a couple birthdays to get out of the way but I promise is all leads up to the big event. K?

So Oliver has been seeing Alicia Mann. She’s a sim I created for something else but I loved her general look so much I decided to drop her into the Peters’ world and see what happened. And then she met Oliver. And they went on dates like this

And I just generally liked their ‘look’ as a couple. So Ollie got to know her and found out that she’s a bookworm, and a geek, and a genius. And she aspires to have a nerd brain. They hung out several times before meeting at the park the weekend that the whole family went. Look at him being such a goof. And she’s so flattered. She genuinely seems to like him

They have their first kiss at the park with Seth looking on in horror. I didn’t capture the kiss but I did catch poor Seth’s face afterwards.

Ollie is so in love

He catches up to her as she heads over to grab a bite to eat and plants a nice giant kiss, making a big show of it. Everett apparently gets to be horrified by this one as he’s been out stomping around the park.

C’mon Alicia make him a happy guy

Obviously she said yes. I mean look how much in love these two are. They give me Adam/Alyson feelings something neither Seth nor Genevieve nor Seth/Genevieve ever did.

Ollie is so tired yet so so happy for his walk home.

Alicia comes over the next day so she can move in and out of the house she’s been living in with a ghost. A ghost of a guy she never even met. Creepy. Both Delphine and Davin have birthdays (on the exact same day) So Oliver and Alicia decide to wait until the next day to have the wedding. Davin completes his aspiration minutes before his cake. I basically locked him in his room and made him play violin all day just to do it. He got Freelance Botanist as his aspiration which means I get to do it again. Delphine got Whiz Kid and Goofball and for some reason I have pictures of neither of them.

Back to the wedding. Small backyard deal with family in attendance. This is the first time anyone in this family has had enough money for an actual wedding so you best believe we did it up good.

Ollie making Alicia laugh to start out the ceremony. Kyle what is that face!?? Take a nice picture, it’s your brother’s wedding (that’s Delphine kind of hiding behind Kyle..).

The exchanging of vows

Alicia what are you whispering about…none of that…yet.

And the kiss

Oliver not you too! Save the bedroom eyes until after the wedding!!! (You’ll notice he’s wearing a different tux in these next couple pics. I realized he wasn’t in his specially picked wedding tux until the reception. But hey! Better late than never)

And finally, I present to you Mr. Oliver Peters and Ms. Alicia Mann. And here Ollie is in all of his eyeliner-less glory. Awwwwww

Happy wedding day guys! May you have many more happy days ahead!

Back to regular posting on Monday


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