2.04 Owning A Cowplant

So lots to post this week so I’m going to split it up into two posts.  The one Wednesday will be very Ollie heavy.  Let’s get underway.

Delphine aged up to toddler.  She’s independent and she got her dad’s red hair.  She also seems to favor Seth more than the other two did.

Whenever Ollie gives either of the girls food, he gives them dessert instead of dinner.  What a good uncle!

Everett and Kassandra, who I married using Deaderpool’s MC Command Center Mod, had a little girl and her name is Luna Peters.  She got the darker red hair that Everett and Kyle both had.  So far she seems to favor Everett.

Brother/sister time!

Dinah ages up to child and is gloomy (a trait Kyle had that I hated.  He was always sad).  She also got rambunctious scamp.  Here’s her and Davin after she aged up.  She definitely favors Genevieve.

She completes part one of her aspiration the very next day.  I may actually complete this one this time.

Seth grows a cowplant and with that completes the Freelance Botanist aspiration.  He chooses Painter Extrondinare as his next one.

Seth forgot to feed the cowplant…

The weekend arrives which means time for skilling and aspirations!!!  The whole family goes to the park so Dinah can complete part 2 of her aspiration.

Everett’s reallly mad

Ollie runs into Alicia, who he’s been seeing more and more recently, and has a wild idea.  He’s so in love with her, he’s going to propose!  After all, he’s not getting any younger.  Look for more pictures of Ollie and Alicia in Wednesday’s special post (here’s a preview):

Father son breakfast!

Mother daughter playtime

Need some homework help there sis?


Davin giving the side eye

Oh my god. Stop standing in front of the fridge.

Dance party

When Alicia goes to move in, I discover that she’s been living with the ghost of Johnny Zest.  And that’s all for this post!  Watch for a special Ollie’s wedding post on Wednesday!


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