2.03 Ollie Gets A Date

It’s Davin’s birthday!!  He’s child now.  He rolled Goofball (which fits nicely with his toddler trait, silly) and Artistic Prodigy (which is great since he got Creative Genius when he aged up).


Look at him eyeing that cake


Dinah’s birthday is the very next day and she ages up to toddler.  She’s a pretty adorable toddler herself.


And then it’s Kyle and Everett’s birthday.  Kyle invites the rest of the family to his party and I realize that I stuck Kyle and Everett into a one bedroom house.  And then I gave Everett a wife and maybe soon a baby…


Don’t know where Everett is at but Kyle seems to be doing well.  Though whatever story he’s telling seems to be boring Dav.


Remember when I offhandedly mentioned another Peters Generation 3 baby?  Genevieve has gone into labor!!  The next baby is a girl!  Davin is going to be the only boy in this generation.  Seth and Genevieve keep with the theme and name their youngest daughter Delphine.  Welcome to the world baby Delphine.


It’s a scary place…


In all of the excitement over the new baby, Dinah got left in her high chair so she took a nap.


So I’ve been trying to find a girl for Ollie but with his criminal career it’s been tough (he works weird hours) and a lot of the girls around town do appreciate his flirting.  He must be bad at flirting.  So I dropped in a girl that I created for another challenge in hopes that the two of them would hit it off.  So far so good.


The weekend arrives meaning it’s time to work on skills and aspirations.  Ollie needs to level mischief once more to make it to ten and complete Chief of Mischief, Seth’s cowplant needs to grow so he can complete Freelance Botanist, and Davin completed the first and second parts of Artistic Prodigy!


I’ve been working on this house from a plan I found on a house plan website.  It has one of my favorite features, an area upstairs that overlooks the downstairs area.  This plan also has a lot of garage space which I’m converting into an area for exercise equipment and other skill objects. Look at Genevieve using that treadmill.


Sibling time!


And one more picture of Dinah


I’ll leave it here and pick up next time with Delphine’s birthday!


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