2.02 Toddler Time

Davin is a toddler now!  It’s the first time I’d had a baby age up since the toddler patch so he’s my first toddler.  His trait is silly and he is adorable!!  They are so much like actual toddlers.  I mean he’s kind of needy and he’s always hungry but that’s my real life experience with toddlers.  I’m definitely a fan.  I mean look at this kid:


Seth and Genevieve are also fans of having a toddler around the house.  So much so that they decide to have a second one.  Dav will be the heir to the third generation as the first born son but I am still hoping to have a girl in this family.  Maybe a red-head to carry on that trait?

Another adorable picture of Davin.  Look at his little face.  And his little avocado shirt.


Seth becomes an adult and I’m really starting to wonder when he gained so much weight?  He was a skinny little teen. Beer belly isn’t working for you guy. I never had that problem with Adam or Alyson.  They stayed fairly fit.  Seth’s “job” of freelance botanist keeps him pretty busy and makes a ton of money though.


Genevieve is doing well in her entertainment career.  She reached the split and decided to go into music.  Her daily activity is practicing music.  Oliver is on his way to boss of the criminal career.  I’m pretty sick of his daily mean interactions.  I’m pretty sure nobody in the town is going to like him before long.

I was able to send him to the gym though at like midnight when the rest of the family is asleep and I don’t have toddlers to worry about.  He can work out and be mean to people!!  Also he was starting to get his brother’s beer gut so better go sweat it out.


Seth and Genevieve have casual conversations in their sleep.  The conversation box popped up while they were both definitely asleep.  Okay so they’re not as adorable as Adam and Alyson but that’s adorable.

Genevieve goes into labor!!  Since I recently purchased GTW, I had the opportunity to follow her and Seth to the hospital.  Obviously I jump at the chance.  So I’m there to witness the birth of their second child and first girl!!!!!  That looks so uncomfortable and terrifying.


Her name is Dinah after the Black Canary (I’m a Birds of Prey fan)  and I figured that it’d be cute to name them both with ‘D’ names.  When she comes home and Dav gets to meet her he’s actually excited to have a sister!  Which is better than I can say of any of the previous generation.  Look at her with her uncle Ollie.


Genevieve looking smug about having a daughter


Because children are exhausting.


Ollie is definitely my favorite.  Glad to have kept him around.  Also Genevieve is pregnant with number 3!  Because her and Seth are trying to hurry up and have three kids I guess.  She will be allowed to age up in peace after this


Seth teach Davin some flash cards.


And finally, a finished kitchen!!  This legacy house is coming along nicely.


Will Genevieve and Seth’s next child be a second girl?  Or yet another boy??  Will Seth ever stop drinking so much beer?  Will I ever finish this godforsaken house?  Find out next time!!








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