2.01 Fighting the Grim Reaper

I’ve decided Imma schedule my posts to go once a week on Mondays.  If I get too large of a backlog I’ll go to twice a week.  So look for the Peters family on Mondays.

So here we are at the start of generation 2.  They’ve come a long way from Adam living on the lawn with only a toilet, bed and refrigerator.  They live in a three bedroom, two bathroom house with two stories.  They have an oven and a dining room table.  All four boys are no longer in one room.

I look back because I got the notification that Adam’s time is coming to a close.  Weirdly, I’m going to miss him when he’s gone.  He also makes $600 a day when he goes to work so we’ll miss that too.

But before he goes he’s got to celebrate his wife joining him in elderhood.  Alyson gets to age up! Look at these two!!  So adorable.  Also, you’ll notice that there are two cakes…I wonder why.  Damn it guys.


Oliver also ages up but to adult and he joins the criminal career.  Fits with his aspiration of Chief of Mischief.  I’ve decided that I like Ollie.  Too bad I chose the oldest to inherit the legacy.  I’d pick Oliver any day.  He’s fun.

Shortly after Oliver’s birthday, like the next day shortly, Adam’s time comes to an end.  The reaper shows up, starts playing games on his phone while Adam lays around just waiting for him to get done so he can die, and then the reaper takes care of business.  Everyone mourns except for Oliver.  Everyone has sad moods for two days and Ollie is just happy and oblivious as can be.

Family time!


Since Seth is now the leader of the house, he gets to move upstairs to the master suite.  Alyson moves downstairs to the front room and the three other boys move into the back bedroom. Probably should have dreamt bigger than a 3 bedroom house.

His job as a gardener is allowing him to move through his aspiration quickly.  He’s got parts 2 & 3 completed now.

He also meets a girl named Genevieve Kelly.  She’s the pizza delivery girl who hangs out whenever somebody orders pizza. I like her.  She’d bring a little more variety into the family.  She’s also got good, active, and goofball which is 3 brand new traits from what Alyson had (Yes! Point GeekMonkey!)


The twins age up to young adult.  I think they’re going to move out (together of course).  It is too much to keep up with their needs and aspirations along with Seth, Alyson, and Ollie.  Plus I’m hoping to move Genevieve in soon.  Ollie gets to stay just because I like him.  I’ve also decided to demolish this house a build a larger one.


After a lot of work and a couple dates Seth get Genevieve to move in! She was a tough one.  Good on you girl.   I had to go make her a brother so that she’d bring no money in.

They went on one date at the nightclub that was like ghost night or something.  A bunch of ghosts showed up and started dancing.


Then the Grim Reaper shows up to hang out.  Time to get out of there.


After Genevieve moves in they immediately try for a baby, she gets pregnant, and then they elope right then and there.  No sense in waiting.  She was four days from adult and I wanted Seth to catch up a bit.  Since nobody seems to age while pregnant.  What if that was true in real life!?  I digress.


Alyson dies alone in the middle of the night in her bedroom.  Nobody mourns except for me.  Does the Grim Reaper always play games on his phone before taking your soul?

So crazy glitch, Genevieve goes into labor, goes to the hospital, and comes home with a happy new baby moodlet and no baby.  I didn’t even get a chance to name it.  The baby just disappeared.  So they try again.

Look at Ollie in his criminal suit!


Ollie gets far enough into his career that he has to perform mean interactions daily.  I don’t want anybody in the house to hate him so I send him places to be mean to people.  He found the Grim Reaper across the street to intimidate.  Kyle is fishing in the background.  He visits a lot.  Everett never visits.


And then they get into a fight.


Three days later, generation 3 is born.  Davin Peters, the fifth boy born in the Peters family.  Still no girls though.



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