1.08 Change in the Air

I realized that I haven’t posted about the Peters family for a little while.  Despite the fact that I’ve got a whole laundry list of notes to write about them.  Lots of changes since I wrote last so let’s get underway.

Everett and Kyle went to school one morning…and then were back an hour later.  What the hell??  Stop playing hooky children.  So as a punishment (?) for playing hooky they got to go to the park and work on their aspiration.  Yay!  Kyle completed the first part of his aspiration but Everett went home for being too tired or something.  He ended up completing his the next day.

Four kids is far too many kids.  Especially when trying to focus on completing all their aspirations.  Three probably wouldn’t be so bad but of course Adam and Alyson got twins on their last shot!  No offense, Kyle…but I am going to literally murder these children.


Ollie gets an A in school and shows up wearing a hat (?).  Is this a thing?  It happened to Seth too.  And Ollie apparently got the creepy trait…below is him watching Adam and Alyson sleep while eating spaghetti.


Adam’s elder birthday is fast approaching and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.  I’m going to miss that dork when he goes.  Alyson bakes him a cake but takes a slice before even setting it down.  Damn it woman!!  So she eats her slice and bakes a second cake.  Cake for days for the Peters family.


Seth completes part 1 of Freelance Botanist.  I’ve decided that when he becomes a young adult he will truly be a freelance botantist.  No job for Seth.  The brothers will get jobs and stick around to contribute to the household funds.


Okay…so Adam is a bit of a silver fox.  Looking good dude.  Age has been kind to you.  He also apparently gives to charity in his free time as he donated to charity autonomously.  What a good guy…I’m getting emotional here.  Don’t like any of the kids as much as I like Adam and Alyson.


For instance, Ollie has been coming home from school every day and immediately taking a nap on the park bench outside the house.  Like, why??  Your bed isn’t that far away kid.  Teenage Seth meets a girl with his same haircut.  Maybe.  Going to keep an eye out for possible wife material for him.


Ollie’s teen birthday comes up next.  Man, these birthdays come one right after the other.  Continuously running into people eating the cake before setting it down.  Stahhp.  He rolls Bro (an Adam trait) and Chief of Mischief (could be fun).  And he had a bit of an emo punk aesthetic when he aged up so I leaned into it.  Eyeliner and all.


Everett and Kyle become teens just a few days later and it becomes immediately clear which one is which.  Everett got a mohawk and is ridiculously skinny.  He got Childish and Joke Star.  Kyle also gets Childish but his aspiration is Serial Romantic.  The twins before aging up (Kyle in the black, Everett in the grey)…


And after aging up (Everett’s got a mohawk)…


Silver fox Adam has to fix the fridge and electrocutes himself.  He spends the rest of the day dazed and smoking.  And Alyson apparently walks around with no clothes…excuse me says the look on Seth’s face


And one more picture of my adorable tattoo couple.  Their time together is coming to an end.  Excuse me, I’m going to go cry.


And finally, Seth has another birthday.  He’s a young adult now and it’s time to start talking about generation 2.



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