1.07 Growing Up

The twins aged up!  Everett rolled geek (one of Alyson’s traits) and Kyle rolled gloomy.  They both rolled rambunctious scamp for their aspiration.  Good.  They can work on it together.


Above: Everett.  I am going to constantly mix these two up.


Above: Kyle

Both the twins got Alyson’s hair-color while the two older boys both got Seth’s.  Turns out Alyson and Adam have very similar eye colors so all the boys have similar eye colors.  Adam is obviously terrified at the prospect of having four boys in the house.


At first I wasn’t sure why Ollie was looking like a demon child in the back but then I find out that he still hates having new brothers.  He does get over it eventually it just takes some time.  Meanwhile, Alyson has an overwhelmingly negative relationship with an oversized stuffed dinosaur so…

Alyson does get yet another promotion which is crazy since I swear she just had one.  She must be working very hard.

And then the big birthday.  Seth ages up to teen!  He  rolled bro (one of his dad’s traits) and freelance botanist as his aspiration.  What a dork.  Who do you have to show off for?


I guess it’s better than looking like this:


No idea how he got like that.  He just woke up that way.  I’ll leave you with a picture of Seth, Ollie, and Kyle having some brother time.


I’ve started work on the upstairs of the house.  It’s going to have one bedroom/one bathroom upstairs with an area that can be converted into a fourth bedroom.  Adam and Alyson will move upstairs and the boys will have the run of the downstairs.




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