1.06 House Full of Boys

It’s baby go time and Adam is actually going to get to go this time!!  The two previous times he was at work so Alyson had to go by herself.  Will they have a girl this time?  Actually no.  Instead of a girl they get twin boys.  Everett and Kyle Peters.  Alyson is surrounded by boys.  Poor woman.  And now that there’s four kids, I don’t think they’re going to have any more.

After the birth of their two newest additions,  Adam and Alyson need a night out.  So they get on their fancy clothes and go dancing!!  So adorable!


Not sure why Adam brought a book…

Also.  Apparently babies automatically go to daycare.  That’s a new, and awesome addition.  No more calling the flirty nanny.  Though when Adam and Alyson get home the other two kids are just running amok, taking showers and practicing violin at 1:00am.  Go to bed!

Seth, who was not a fan of Oliver, does like his two new brothers.  He’s matured a lot.  Oliver, on the other hand is not happy about the new family members.  So Adam and Alyson took the boys to the park to play.  Adorable family time.


Seth, after coming home from the park finished his childhood aspiration!!  Look at him practicing his violin.


You were so close Adam.  The twins are exhausting.  It’s literally impossible to keep track of their needs.  I thought one was bad.  They’re so needy!!


Even Alyson is exhausted.


But hey, look at that, a (nearly) finished kitchen!


Plenty of birthdays coming up for the next post so I’ll call this one here.




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