1.05 No Sleep

Alyson got a promotion!  She’s moving up in her field.  To celebrate, Adam and Alyson decide to try for another baby.  Maybe a girl?  I’m crossing my fingers for a girl.  This baby should arrive in the world shortly after Oliver ages up to a child.  Excellent timing.

Here’s a picture of Alyson with Oliver since I didn’t have one of those yet.


Since Adam and Alyson work overlapping hours, Adam has a nanny come over between 2:00pm when he leaves for work and 6:00pm when Alyson gets home.  I swear this nanny is always in a flirty mood when she comes to their house.  How do you get in a flirty mood when your watching a baby??  Weird.

Adam gets promoted to the next level of his career, gets a bonus, and I start working on their house again.  I scrap the plan I had before for a 3 bedroom house with 2 floors.  Currently it’s only got one floor but it’s coming together.  Adam and Alyson have an actual room now!!


Nobody gets any damn sleep in this house because the damn monster under Seth’s bed.  It wakes him up like every night and then he wakes up both his parents.  And then everybody starts doing other things.  Damn.  Sleep!  No wonder Adam is always napping.  Even at night.


Seth came home from school randomly wearing a hat.  No idea why.


Oliver ages up!!  He rolls the perfectionist trait and the social butterfly aspiration.  Ended up changing his hair so I’d be able to tell him and Seth apart.  I also changed his clothes.


Aww brothers how cute.


Stay tuned for the next post with another new baby!!

<–A New Baby and Not Much Else


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