1.04 A New Baby and Not Much Else

So the last post ended with Adam and Alyson considering another baby.  So they tried for a second one and Alyson once again got pregnant on the first try.  Adam is very excited, he loves kids! And look how adorable my tattoo couple is today!


Meanwhile Seth completes the second part of his aspiration.  He’s working hard!  The weekend rolls around, meaning that Alyson and Seth work on their skills and aspirations. Adam doesn’t have weekends off but Monday and Thursday instead so he doesn’t get to join in on the fun. I changed Alyson’s to Nerd Brain from Party Animal so she’s been doing lots of reading.  Seth mostly does drawing.  He’s such a good little artist.


Seth is such a wonderful child.  He just cleans things without being asked.  He’s cleaned out the fridge at least four times since aging up.

Meanwhile, Alyson ends the weekend by going into labor.  She has their second child, a boy they named Oliver Peters.  Seth apparently hates having a brother which I suppose is fair.  He’s been an only child for awhile.

Adam seems to spend a lot of time in his underwear…


I spent a lot of time in build mode lately working on the house.  The exterior is starting to shape up, the interior still looks like a gloomy grey giant room.  Hopefully the interior gets some work soon.  Though the bills literally just showed up so Adam’s next couple work days will have to go towards those and not the house.


I personally really enjoy the building part of the Sims games so the look of the house may change a lot through the generations.  The one I working on for them now is 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms with a kitchen, living room, and garage (eventually).  Though I’m thinking maybe another baby or two for the adorable tattoo couple (I’d love a girl for them) so this house may get too small too fast.  Hopefully the next update has a little more excitement!

I’m hoping to get Adam and Alyson out for a fancy night here soon!

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