1.03 A New Heir

So the big news is…Adam and Alyson had a son!  Adam is so excited that his first child will also carry on his legacy.  His name is Seth Peters.


12-31-16_10-37-52 PM.png

Adam is pretty adorable with the baby.  Alyson is kind of smug about the whole thing.


12-31-16_10-50-39 PM.png

After the celebration of the birth of his son, Adam gets to age up to adult.  Alyson bakes him a cake and throws him a party with all of their friends.


01-01-17_12-18-23 PM.png

Look at his face.  What a goof.  Also Orson and Chad seem to have showed up wearing the same sweater.  Somebody is going to have to go change.

Alyson gets a promotion at work and I swear she hasn’t been in like a week but hey, whatever works I suppose.  Adam spends some time fishing but seems to catch mostly things that aren’t fish (apples, kitchen upgrade parts, weeds).

Alyson’s hot-headed trait is going to drive me up the wall.  She gets in an angry mood all the time.  It’s wild.  Hopefully that doesn’t pass down.

Seth ages up to a child and rolls genius and artistic prodigy for his child trait/aspiration.  He didn’t get the genius from his father.  Adam seems to be kind of a doofus.


Seth ages up dressed like he belongs to a different family.  Adam is looking in the bassinet like ???. I think Seth looks more like his mom but with his dad’s hair.  Kind of a cute kiddo.  He is going to have to change though.



That’s better.  Also his room has gotten a bit of an update.



So apparently there’s monsters under the bed now.  It wakes Seth up his first night in the new bed and in turn he wakes up his mom and dad.  They have to come spray them for him.  Poor kid.

Hey!  You’re not Seth…



This whole monster incident somehow caused Seth to become focused and start doing his homework at 3:00 in the morning.  Go to bed kid.  He does have to sleep in his parent’s bed since Alyson decided that his bed looked comfortable for some reason.



There he goes again with the homework.  At least the kid is motivated, I guess.  And, as you can see, Adam and Alyson built a room onto the back of the house for their bedroom.  But never finished it…oops.

Alyson’s birthday comes up next so Adam bakes her a cake.  But then, when I’m not looking, he eats a slice because he’s a bit of a doofus.  But a lovable one.  So he has to make another one.  A few friends come over and they celebrate her becoming an adult.  Adam spends the entire party telling people cheesy jokes. But of course he has time to come celebrate his wife’s aging up with her.



Oh my adorable tattoo couple.  Maybe another kid?  They’ll need to build a bigger house first…

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