1.02 Adam Gets A Refrigerator

So I started off by realizing that a fridge is more useful than a shower.  So Adam sold his shower to buy a fridge.  Now he showers exclusively at the gym.  Which works since he’s always there anyway for his aspiration/career/meeting girls.

Speaking of girls, Adam ran into one that looked interesting and when he started chatting with her I realized that I’d created her months ago when I played the demo but I don’t remember any of her traits so I let him go for it anyway.  Alyson Marshall. Though, to be fair, I should have realized she was one of mine.  She totally has my aesthetic.  Found out she’s self-assured, geek, and hot-headed.  With a career in spying.  Though she comes over to Adam’s “house” in the middle of the day so….maybe she’s spying on him?  Or about to lose her job?


What an awkward first date.  Hanging out on a twin bed in the middle of the yard, next to the fridge.

Adam also completed the first part of his Bodybuilder aspiration since he is literally always at the gym.  The next one may take a bit since the first bills showed up and were 560 simoleons and it may take awhile to buy him that exercise equipment he’s looking at.  Damn, they weren’t kidding about the bills.


Here’s a comparison of my lot next to the neighbors.  Beautiful.


After a couple days of flirting, Adam asked Alyson to marry him, in the library. Probably should have done it in the gym since they’re always there but anyway.  Obviously she said yes.  They’re my adorable tattoo couple now.  Just got to get her moved in so I can have a second income.  I’m sure they’d love some more walls


Adam’s wondering if getting a wife means he can stop eating cereal and potato chips for every meal.

After several promotions and a lot of  work days, Adam finally got the four walls that he’s been waiting for since he dropped into this world with naught but a Octagon Knight to his name.

Alyson moves in with $0 but a job in secret agent-ing that will bring in some extra money for turning their box into a home.  Holding a wedding is too expensive for the young couple so they elope immediately and get married in their box house near a newly repaired toilet.

12-31-16_1-47-35 PM.png

The bills came again, 390$ this time which is less than when Adam was living outside so that’s interesting.

Alyson gets promoted and gets a fancy 800$ chair so selling that, a 192$ salmon that Adam caught and two incomes they were able to purchase a shower, computer desk, computer, and an oven so totally moving up in the world.


Above: Upgrades to the box house and a friend coming to call

Adam reaches the branch of his career and becomes a professional athlete.  He now makes excellent money for his soon to be expanding family.  He also tries cooking for the first time though I don’t let him try anything more advanced than salad.  Just in case.


Adam and Alyson decide to grow their family by one.  They try for a baby and Alyson finds herself pregnant after the first try!


Baby any day now.  Also Alyson could stand a shower.  Good thing they bought one.


Above: My adorable tattoo couple.  I’ll end this post here so I can start up the next one with the new baby (an heir?) and Adams birthday.

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