1.01 The Peters Legacy

So I’ve done it.  I finally downloaded the Sims 4 on  Origin’s Holiday sale.  I played the demo awhile back and really enjoyed it after playing Sims 3 for ages.  I’d started to consider trying out one of the many Sims 3 challenges but have decided to try on Sims 4 instead.  So I give you…the standard Legacy Challenge.  I’ve also, as you may have noticed, decided to blog about it as much as possible.

Rules found here if your not familiar:


I’ve decided to go with a Traditional Patriarchy with the First Born as heir as far as succession laws go.  Since I usually play as female characters almost exclusively this could be an interesting change for me.

And so without further ado:


Adam Peters.  He’s got Self-Assured, Loves the Outdoors, and Bro as traits with Bodybuilder as his aspiration.

12-29-16_11-43-02 PM.png

After the purchase of the octagon knight, I was able to get him a cheap bed, toilet, and shower.

I also grabbed him a job in the athlete career to go with his aspiration.

Now time to go meet some people….

Hoping to update every several days to a week depending on how much play time I get in!


1.02 Adam Gets A Refrigerator –>


One thought on “1.01 The Peters Legacy

  1. hi there like the look of this legacy… I also have just begun a legacy- if you want to check it out at thediamondrose.wordpress.com!


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