3.02 A Quick Update

Well holy moly has my life been busy.  But hopefully that’s going to calm down here in the next couple weeks so you all can hear about the Peters family more often.

So when we last left off, Kailee was pregnant with the first child of Generation 4, all the Generation 2 boys have moved on to the afterlife, and Genevieve’s time is (maybe) drawing near.

So first up is Dinah’s birthday!  She’s a young adult now and so she gets to move out.  Since I’ve had no luck finding her a mate, it will be up to MC Command Center to continue her branch of the family tree.

Kailee goes into labor with her and Davin’s first child, and it’s a girl!  They name her Amaya Peters.   She is the whitest baby I have ever seen.  Look at her

03-24-17_11-46-37 PM

Davin proposes because I forgot that Kailee and Davin are living in sin and not yet married.  We’ll get around to a ceremony one of these days.

03-25-17_2-33-25 PM

Meanwhile it’s been like two weeks and Genevieve is still hanging around.  I swear the woman isn’t going to die.  She’s going to still be around when Generation 10 is born.

03-25-17_1-57-39 PM

So when I go to close out of the game, I always go to manage worlds first so I can check on the other members of the family (I’m trying to keep a fairly comprehensive family tree).  This time when I did that, I found that Dinah was already married!  Hours after I moved her out!  She is now married to Crystal Fair who has a daughter Kyla.

Delphine goes to a party and damn girl!  That booty.

03-25-17_12-33-04 AM

Birthday time has rolled around again so I will save that for next time!


3.01 Texts From A Ghost

So apologies to anyone who might be following this!  I haven’t posted in a few weeks despite the fact that I have at least one post worth of stuff to write down.

So when I last left off, we were ready to start in on Generation 3.  Davin is a young adult and Seth is now (sadly) gone.

Delphine gets a text message from the recently deceased Seth to congratulate her on becoming a teenager.  It’s crazy because I put that urn away until I can build them a mausoleum.  I guess when you miss the big milestones in your family’s life, you do what you can to be present.

Quentin’s birthday is the next day, he ages up to child.  And…um…he looks almost exactly like Ollie did when he was a child except with slightly darker skin.  He even aged into the same haircut.  I was hoping that he’d be a little better mix of his two parents (maybe some darker skin) but we will just have to see.03-05-17_8-48-34 PM

An old picture of Oliver for reference.


Anyway.  I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to find good matches for Davin and his sisters.   Mostly Davin but I’d like to make this family tree as ridiculous as possible.  Speaking of the family tree cousin Luna and Delphine still hang out.  And Luna is a teen now!  I love all my little red-heads

03-11-17_4-01-25 PM

But as hard as I’ve tried, Dominik Pruitt (who is really the only male around Dinah’s age it seems) is not interested in her romantically at all so since I’d still love to merge the Pruitt family with the Peters and Kailee and Davin are best friends maybe I’ll try that.

So Davin goes on a date with Kailee and it goes really well and they have their first kiss!  She really likes him

03-10-17_8-52-35 PM

03-10-17_8-58-39 PM

And while they are at their date, I get the first notification for Oliver.  His time is running short and I’m going to miss that punk.  Also he got sick which started a whole cycle of sickness in the house where everybody kept getting sick one after another until I started keeping a stock of medicine in the fridge.  And then nobody got sick.

03-10-17_11-02-23 PM

Also Dinah isn’t going to be able to do her homework for the rest of her days as a teen because I do not know where she put it.  I literally cannot find it anywhere.

Davin has a dinner party because he is an excellent cook and it’s part of his cooking aspiration that I’m doing while I take a break from that gardening one.  Also he has a job in the cooking career.  He likes to make food.  And eat it.

All of their friends show up

03-10-17_11-26-37 PM

And since Kailee is there Davin and her use the cover of the party to have their first woo-hoo in a closet.  Apparently that’s an occasion for sunglasses.  And she wore Dav out.  And then she moves in.  It must have been good. Welcome to the family Kailee.

03-10-17_11-39-10 PM

I get Genevieve’s first notification as I’m trying really hard to get her to the top of the musician career.

And then it’s Oliver’s time.  It’s a very emotional time for me and Genevieve decides to watch it while having a snack.  She’s fairly unaffected

03-11-17_4-05-56 PM

03-11-17_4-06-30 PM

Since all of Generation 2 seems to be on the way out Davin and Kailee get started on Generation 4.  And it takes on the first try.

Will there be a new heir born?  Will their oldest be a daughter?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

2.07 Parties and Seth’s Elderly Demise

I got the notification that Seth’s time was coming to an end.  He’ll finish up some paintings over the next few days but probably not a whole lot else.  Genevieve ages up to Elder the next day.  Generation 2 is getting older and on itfs way out.


Davin is going to make such a good father.  He is the only family member that autonomously takes care of Quentin.  He’s such a good big cousin.

I bought Get Together recently and it definitely adds another dimension.  First of all Windenburg is as amazing as everybody’s been saying.  Second of all, Dinah gets invited to a party at 5:00 in the morning.  So she sneaks out of the house and drags her brother with her .

There are lots of new young adult girls there for Davin to meet since he will be a young adult in just a few days.  So there’s plenty more fish in the sea for him to meet and maybe a new future Peters matriarch.


Once Davin is all set and talking to some new people I decide to see what Dinah is up to.  Apparently she had to go to the bathroom and instead of going inside the building she wondered off to ‘fertilize’ a bush.  Classy.

I got the second notification for Seth, time to make sure all of his affairs of in order.  He must know his time is short because he’s just sitting there contemplating the meaning of life in a glass of water.


Ollie’s still around mostly working and playing with his son.  Not sure why this game is happening in the bathroom.


Mother/son bathroom break


Dominik Pruitt asks Dinah out on a date.  I’m pretty sure that he’s going to be the guy for her, as there are very few other teen boys around town at the moment.  But he also proceeds to not hang out with Dinah during their date.  Instead sitting at a table with his friends.  Jerk.  And what’s with the hat man?


Another night, another wild dance party for Dinah.  She’s becoming quite the little teen rebel even getting invited to the Partihaus club.  Oh Dinah, my sweet little rebel.

Seth’s time finally comes to an end, dramatically on the floor of the kitchen.  Dinah and Genevieve are the only ones who mourned him.


Later that same day, Davin and Delphine both age up.  Davin to young adult and Delphine to teen.  Davin gets glutton as his final trait.  Delphine gets cheerful and Computer Whiz.


Time for Generation 3!!!!

2.06 So Many Birthdays

So in all the excitement with Davin and Delphine both aging up and Oliver’s wedding, I forgot Seth’s birthday.  He got old pretty much right after the wedding.  And then he was sad because everybody forgot about him.  Poor guy. (For some reason one of the few pictures I currently have of Elder Seth is his CAS one)


More exciting news for the days after the big wedding, Alicia is going to be a scientist and I am so excited to follow her to work occasionally.  Also Alicia is pregnant with what will be her and Ollie’s only child (I’ve just about run out of space in the Peters family home).


Ollie finishes his adult aspiration, Master of Mischief, in time to pick up a new one.  I chose bodybuilder, though he will probably not come near completing that one.  Also Seth completed the guitar skill (and memorialized both his parents in the process…yes!!).


So I realized that I had never checked Kyle and Everett as unplayed so they were just sitting around waiting for me to come control them, so they got unchecked.  And I swear when I jumped out to manage worlds not an hour later, Kyle was moved out of his brother’s house and married to Jacobo Dinh.  Damn boy!  Also, congratulations kiddo.  I moved them in world and jumped over to help them adopt a baby.  Aubrie Dinh, welcome to the family.


Right around the same time, Alicia goes into labor.  Her and Ollie run off to the hospital and have a baby boy!!  His name is Quentin Peters.

Not a lot happens over the next few days, Seth paints; Ollie, Alicia, and Genevieve go to work (Ollie and Genevieve are both reaching the tops of their careers); Davin, Dinah, and Delphine go to school.  I’m trying to squeeze Dinah’s childhood aspiration into the last few days before she becomes a teen.  Which means basically getting locked into a room with the computer and typing game.

Seth painted his wife and kids.  Okay the screenshots are below not the paintings but hey. I like the one of Genevieve because it looks like she’s laughing (she was really very hungry).


Oh Dav, you’re so cool.  You can see the completed pictures of the girls here.


Dinah is over your crap, Dad.  Also, yum!  Hamburger!


And finally, Delphine.  What a little goofball.


Quentin’s birthday comes quickly and he is a little Oliver.  He’s also clingy and the first toddler that I’ve had so far that gets sad instead of angry when he’s hungry or tired.  Look at this side eye


I mean really..


This is where the birthday’s start piling up because Dinah’s is like the next day.  How did all the birthdays happen in such quick succession???  I’ve already got Davin on Level 6 of cooking so he made all of the cakes.

Apparently I have been terrible at taking aging up screenshots lately.

Dinah gets Bro as her teen trait and soulmate as her aspiration.  Loving the fact that she got a trait that belonged to both her dad and her grandfather.  But the poor girl got Seth’s mouth and a tiny face.  She’s pretty adorable though.  Found one!


I’ve already got somebody in mind for her (Dominik Pruitt is around Dinah’s age, and his sister Kailee is Davin’s age so one of them will probably join the Peters family).  Here’s a picture of Dominik all aged up to teen.  If he’d lose the dumb glasses he’d be a good looking dude.


And then Oliver’s birthday is about six days after Seth’s so he’s an elder now too.  Literally six or so sim days have passed since Seth got old.  See all the cake!!??  Also I love the dumb faces they make when they blow out candles.


He’s an old dad I guess.


Kyle and Everett have birthdays soon after Oliver’s and Kyle invites the whole family over to celebrate.  Lots of pictures were taken.  Also Kyle had his party at like 900 at night and so they family didn’t get home until like 200 in the morning.

Aubrie Dinh as a toddler.  Also both Seth and Dav are wearing plaid in the background.


Old guys Ollie and Seth


Ollie and Everett


Ollie and Kyle


Delphine and Luna


Davin and Dinah (with Genevieve looking surprised in the bathroom).


Davin, looking cool.


And finally, parties wear Quentin out.


What a cutie!  More birthdays coming soon!!

2.05 Oliver’s Wedding

When did Oliver become the favorite son? I really don’t know. Maybe it’s when all the boys started aging up and Ollie got a cool emo punk look that I rather enjoyed. Maybe he got the best genes. Who knows. All I know is I’m sad that by the Peters legacy rules, we will not be following Oliver’s genes through the generations. But we can have special Ollie posts!

So this overlaps slightly with Monday’s post and has a couple birthdays to get out of the way but I promise is all leads up to the big event. K?

So Oliver has been seeing Alicia Mann. She’s a sim I created for something else but I loved her general look so much I decided to drop her into the Peters’ world and see what happened. And then she met Oliver. And they went on dates like this

And I just generally liked their ‘look’ as a couple. So Ollie got to know her and found out that she’s a bookworm, and a geek, and a genius. And she aspires to have a nerd brain. They hung out several times before meeting at the park the weekend that the whole family went. Look at him being such a goof. And she’s so flattered. She genuinely seems to like him

They have their first kiss at the park with Seth looking on in horror. I didn’t capture the kiss but I did catch poor Seth’s face afterwards.

Ollie is so in love

He catches up to her as she heads over to grab a bite to eat and plants a nice giant kiss, making a big show of it. Everett apparently gets to be horrified by this one as he’s been out stomping around the park.

C’mon Alicia make him a happy guy

Obviously she said yes. I mean look how much in love these two are. They give me Adam/Alyson feelings something neither Seth nor Genevieve nor Seth/Genevieve ever did.

Ollie is so tired yet so so happy for his walk home.

Alicia comes over the next day so she can move in and out of the house she’s been living in with a ghost. A ghost of a guy she never even met. Creepy. Both Delphine and Davin have birthdays (on the exact same day) So Oliver and Alicia decide to wait until the next day to have the wedding. Davin completes his aspiration minutes before his cake. I basically locked him in his room and made him play violin all day just to do it. He got Freelance Botanist as his aspiration which means I get to do it again. Delphine got Whiz Kid and Goofball and for some reason I have pictures of neither of them.

Back to the wedding. Small backyard deal with family in attendance. This is the first time anyone in this family has had enough money for an actual wedding so you best believe we did it up good.

Ollie making Alicia laugh to start out the ceremony. Kyle what is that face!?? Take a nice picture, it’s your brother’s wedding (that’s Delphine kind of hiding behind Kyle..).

The exchanging of vows

Alicia what are you whispering about…none of that…yet.

And the kiss

Oliver not you too! Save the bedroom eyes until after the wedding!!! (You’ll notice he’s wearing a different tux in these next couple pics. I realized he wasn’t in his specially picked wedding tux until the reception. But hey! Better late than never)

And finally, I present to you Mr. Oliver Peters and Ms. Alicia Mann. And here Ollie is in all of his eyeliner-less glory. Awwwwww

Happy wedding day guys! May you have many more happy days ahead!

Back to regular posting on Monday

2.04 Owning A Cowplant

So lots to post this week so I’m going to split it up into two posts.  The one Wednesday will be very Ollie heavy.  Let’s get underway.

Delphine aged up to toddler.  She’s independent and she got her dad’s red hair.  She also seems to favor Seth more than the other two did.

Whenever Ollie gives either of the girls food, he gives them dessert instead of dinner.  What a good uncle!

Everett and Kassandra, who I married using Deaderpool’s MC Command Center Mod, had a little girl and her name is Luna Peters.  She got the darker red hair that Everett and Kyle both had.  So far she seems to favor Everett.

Brother/sister time!

Dinah ages up to child and is gloomy (a trait Kyle had that I hated.  He was always sad).  She also got rambunctious scamp.  Here’s her and Davin after she aged up.  She definitely favors Genevieve.

She completes part one of her aspiration the very next day.  I may actually complete this one this time.

Seth grows a cowplant and with that completes the Freelance Botanist aspiration.  He chooses Painter Extrondinare as his next one.

Seth forgot to feed the cowplant…

The weekend arrives which means time for skilling and aspirations!!!  The whole family goes to the park so Dinah can complete part 2 of her aspiration.

Everett’s reallly mad

Ollie runs into Alicia, who he’s been seeing more and more recently, and has a wild idea.  He’s so in love with her, he’s going to propose!  After all, he’s not getting any younger.  Look for more pictures of Ollie and Alicia in Wednesday’s special post (here’s a preview):

Father son breakfast!

Mother daughter playtime

Need some homework help there sis?


Davin giving the side eye

Oh my god. Stop standing in front of the fridge.

Dance party

When Alicia goes to move in, I discover that she’s been living with the ghost of Johnny Zest.  And that’s all for this post!  Watch for a special Ollie’s wedding post on Wednesday!

2.03 Ollie Gets A Date

It’s Davin’s birthday!!  He’s child now.  He rolled Goofball (which fits nicely with his toddler trait, silly) and Artistic Prodigy (which is great since he got Creative Genius when he aged up).


Look at him eyeing that cake


Dinah’s birthday is the very next day and she ages up to toddler.  She’s a pretty adorable toddler herself.


And then it’s Kyle and Everett’s birthday.  Kyle invites the rest of the family to his party and I realize that I stuck Kyle and Everett into a one bedroom house.  And then I gave Everett a wife and maybe soon a baby…


Don’t know where Everett is at but Kyle seems to be doing well.  Though whatever story he’s telling seems to be boring Dav.


Remember when I offhandedly mentioned another Peters Generation 3 baby?  Genevieve has gone into labor!!  The next baby is a girl!  Davin is going to be the only boy in this generation.  Seth and Genevieve keep with the theme and name their youngest daughter Delphine.  Welcome to the world baby Delphine.


It’s a scary place…


In all of the excitement over the new baby, Dinah got left in her high chair so she took a nap.


So I’ve been trying to find a girl for Ollie but with his criminal career it’s been tough (he works weird hours) and a lot of the girls around town do appreciate his flirting.  He must be bad at flirting.  So I dropped in a girl that I created for another challenge in hopes that the two of them would hit it off.  So far so good.


The weekend arrives meaning it’s time to work on skills and aspirations.  Ollie needs to level mischief once more to make it to ten and complete Chief of Mischief, Seth’s cowplant needs to grow so he can complete Freelance Botanist, and Davin completed the first and second parts of Artistic Prodigy!


I’ve been working on this house from a plan I found on a house plan website.  It has one of my favorite features, an area upstairs that overlooks the downstairs area.  This plan also has a lot of garage space which I’m converting into an area for exercise equipment and other skill objects. Look at Genevieve using that treadmill.


Sibling time!


And one more picture of Dinah


I’ll leave it here and pick up next time with Delphine’s birthday!

2.02 Toddler Time

Davin is a toddler now!  It’s the first time I’d had a baby age up since the toddler patch so he’s my first toddler.  His trait is silly and he is adorable!!  They are so much like actual toddlers.  I mean he’s kind of needy and he’s always hungry but that’s my real life experience with toddlers.  I’m definitely a fan.  I mean look at this kid:


Seth and Genevieve are also fans of having a toddler around the house.  So much so that they decide to have a second one.  Dav will be the heir to the third generation as the first born son but I am still hoping to have a girl in this family.  Maybe a red-head to carry on that trait?

Another adorable picture of Davin.  Look at his little face.  And his little avocado shirt.


Seth becomes an adult and I’m really starting to wonder when he gained so much weight?  He was a skinny little teen. Beer belly isn’t working for you guy. I never had that problem with Adam or Alyson.  They stayed fairly fit.  Seth’s “job” of freelance botanist keeps him pretty busy and makes a ton of money though.


Genevieve is doing well in her entertainment career.  She reached the split and decided to go into music.  Her daily activity is practicing music.  Oliver is on his way to boss of the criminal career.  I’m pretty sick of his daily mean interactions.  I’m pretty sure nobody in the town is going to like him before long.

I was able to send him to the gym though at like midnight when the rest of the family is asleep and I don’t have toddlers to worry about.  He can work out and be mean to people!!  Also he was starting to get his brother’s beer gut so better go sweat it out.


Seth and Genevieve have casual conversations in their sleep.  The conversation box popped up while they were both definitely asleep.  Okay so they’re not as adorable as Adam and Alyson but that’s adorable.

Genevieve goes into labor!!  Since I recently purchased GTW, I had the opportunity to follow her and Seth to the hospital.  Obviously I jump at the chance.  So I’m there to witness the birth of their second child and first girl!!!!!  That looks so uncomfortable and terrifying.


Her name is Dinah after the Black Canary (I’m a Birds of Prey fan)  and I figured that it’d be cute to name them both with ‘D’ names.  When she comes home and Dav gets to meet her he’s actually excited to have a sister!  Which is better than I can say of any of the previous generation.  Look at her with her uncle Ollie.


Genevieve looking smug about having a daughter


Because children are exhausting.


Ollie is definitely my favorite.  Glad to have kept him around.  Also Genevieve is pregnant with number 3!  Because her and Seth are trying to hurry up and have three kids I guess.  She will be allowed to age up in peace after this


Seth teach Davin some flash cards.


And finally, a finished kitchen!!  This legacy house is coming along nicely.


Will Genevieve and Seth’s next child be a second girl?  Or yet another boy??  Will Seth ever stop drinking so much beer?  Will I ever finish this godforsaken house?  Find out next time!!







2.01 Fighting the Grim Reaper

I’ve decided Imma schedule my posts to go once a week on Mondays.  If I get too large of a backlog I’ll go to twice a week.  So look for the Peters family on Mondays.

So here we are at the start of generation 2.  They’ve come a long way from Adam living on the lawn with only a toilet, bed and refrigerator.  They live in a three bedroom, two bathroom house with two stories.  They have an oven and a dining room table.  All four boys are no longer in one room.

I look back because I got the notification that Adam’s time is coming to a close.  Weirdly, I’m going to miss him when he’s gone.  He also makes $600 a day when he goes to work so we’ll miss that too.

But before he goes he’s got to celebrate his wife joining him in elderhood.  Alyson gets to age up! Look at these two!!  So adorable.  Also, you’ll notice that there are two cakes…I wonder why.  Damn it guys.


Oliver also ages up but to adult and he joins the criminal career.  Fits with his aspiration of Chief of Mischief.  I’ve decided that I like Ollie.  Too bad I chose the oldest to inherit the legacy.  I’d pick Oliver any day.  He’s fun.

Shortly after Oliver’s birthday, like the next day shortly, Adam’s time comes to an end.  The reaper shows up, starts playing games on his phone while Adam lays around just waiting for him to get done so he can die, and then the reaper takes care of business.  Everyone mourns except for Oliver.  Everyone has sad moods for two days and Ollie is just happy and oblivious as can be.

Family time!


Since Seth is now the leader of the house, he gets to move upstairs to the master suite.  Alyson moves downstairs to the front room and the three other boys move into the back bedroom. Probably should have dreamt bigger than a 3 bedroom house.

His job as a gardener is allowing him to move through his aspiration quickly.  He’s got parts 2 & 3 completed now.

He also meets a girl named Genevieve Kelly.  She’s the pizza delivery girl who hangs out whenever somebody orders pizza. I like her.  She’d bring a little more variety into the family.  She’s also got good, active, and goofball which is 3 brand new traits from what Alyson had (Yes! Point GeekMonkey!)


The twins age up to young adult.  I think they’re going to move out (together of course).  It is too much to keep up with their needs and aspirations along with Seth, Alyson, and Ollie.  Plus I’m hoping to move Genevieve in soon.  Ollie gets to stay just because I like him.  I’ve also decided to demolish this house a build a larger one.


After a lot of work and a couple dates Seth get Genevieve to move in! She was a tough one.  Good on you girl.   I had to go make her a brother so that she’d bring no money in.

They went on one date at the nightclub that was like ghost night or something.  A bunch of ghosts showed up and started dancing.


Then the Grim Reaper shows up to hang out.  Time to get out of there.


After Genevieve moves in they immediately try for a baby, she gets pregnant, and then they elope right then and there.  No sense in waiting.  She was four days from adult and I wanted Seth to catch up a bit.  Since nobody seems to age while pregnant.  What if that was true in real life!?  I digress.


Alyson dies alone in the middle of the night in her bedroom.  Nobody mourns except for me.  Does the Grim Reaper always play games on his phone before taking your soul?

So crazy glitch, Genevieve goes into labor, goes to the hospital, and comes home with a happy new baby moodlet and no baby.  I didn’t even get a chance to name it.  The baby just disappeared.  So they try again.

Look at Ollie in his criminal suit!


Ollie gets far enough into his career that he has to perform mean interactions daily.  I don’t want anybody in the house to hate him so I send him places to be mean to people.  He found the Grim Reaper across the street to intimidate.  Kyle is fishing in the background.  He visits a lot.  Everett never visits.


And then they get into a fight.


Three days later, generation 3 is born.  Davin Peters, the fifth boy born in the Peters family.  Still no girls though.


1.08 Change in the Air

I realized that I haven’t posted about the Peters family for a little while.  Despite the fact that I’ve got a whole laundry list of notes to write about them.  Lots of changes since I wrote last so let’s get underway.

Everett and Kyle went to school one morning…and then were back an hour later.  What the hell??  Stop playing hooky children.  So as a punishment (?) for playing hooky they got to go to the park and work on their aspiration.  Yay!  Kyle completed the first part of his aspiration but Everett went home for being too tired or something.  He ended up completing his the next day.

Four kids is far too many kids.  Especially when trying to focus on completing all their aspirations.  Three probably wouldn’t be so bad but of course Adam and Alyson got twins on their last shot!  No offense, Kyle…but I am going to literally murder these children.


Ollie gets an A in school and shows up wearing a hat (?).  Is this a thing?  It happened to Seth too.  And Ollie apparently got the creepy trait…below is him watching Adam and Alyson sleep while eating spaghetti.


Adam’s elder birthday is fast approaching and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.  I’m going to miss that dork when he goes.  Alyson bakes him a cake but takes a slice before even setting it down.  Damn it woman!!  So she eats her slice and bakes a second cake.  Cake for days for the Peters family.


Seth completes part 1 of Freelance Botanist.  I’ve decided that when he becomes a young adult he will truly be a freelance botantist.  No job for Seth.  The brothers will get jobs and stick around to contribute to the household funds.


Okay…so Adam is a bit of a silver fox.  Looking good dude.  Age has been kind to you.  He also apparently gives to charity in his free time as he donated to charity autonomously.  What a good guy…I’m getting emotional here.  Don’t like any of the kids as much as I like Adam and Alyson.


For instance, Ollie has been coming home from school every day and immediately taking a nap on the park bench outside the house.  Like, why??  Your bed isn’t that far away kid.  Teenage Seth meets a girl with his same haircut.  Maybe.  Going to keep an eye out for possible wife material for him.


Ollie’s teen birthday comes up next.  Man, these birthdays come one right after the other.  Continuously running into people eating the cake before setting it down.  Stahhp.  He rolls Bro (an Adam trait) and Chief of Mischief (could be fun).  And he had a bit of an emo punk aesthetic when he aged up so I leaned into it.  Eyeliner and all.


Everett and Kyle become teens just a few days later and it becomes immediately clear which one is which.  Everett got a mohawk and is ridiculously skinny.  He got Childish and Joke Star.  Kyle also gets Childish but his aspiration is Serial Romantic.  The twins before aging up (Kyle in the black, Everett in the grey)…


And after aging up (Everett’s got a mohawk)…


Silver fox Adam has to fix the fridge and electrocutes himself.  He spends the rest of the day dazed and smoking.  And Alyson apparently walks around with no clothes…excuse me says the look on Seth’s face


And one more picture of my adorable tattoo couple.  Their time together is coming to an end.  Excuse me, I’m going to go cry.


And finally, Seth has another birthday.  He’s a young adult now and it’s time to start talking about generation 2.